Kinetta's proprietary Hypergamma technology makes it possible to capture the full dynamic range of the most contrasty reversal original or print without compromise.
Most scanners and telecines are designed for scanning low-contrast color negative film. They lack the dynamic range required to scan prints or reversal original, forcing 
one to choose between sacrificing highlights or shadow detail. The Kinetta captures everything on the film, without requiring constant adjustment during scanning. Click below to download full-resolution, ungraded frames from Kinetta scans. These scans are 3296 x 2472 -- about 
5 times the resolution of HDTV. Note that raw scans are low in contrast and color saturation, to permit full flexibility in grading. Some browsers may increase contrast – see the full resolution TIFF frames for the best rendition.


Download Full-Resolution Kinetta Frames
Download Kinetta Pixels vs. Grain