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Speeds  Illumination  Film Transport  Resolution  Computer  Film Formats  Sustainability Ask us about the new Baby Kinetta! Same quality for 1/3 the price if you don't need to scan 35mm. The Kinetta Archival Scanner consumes less than 100 watts scanning 35mm film. It consumes even less with smaller formats, and less still when paused. It is designed to not become obsolete. As better sensors become available, the sensor module can be swapped out in about a minute. The solid-state light source should last for several years of scanning, and can be replaced in a few minutes for under $600.00. Belts should be replaced every year or two, at a cost of about $15.00. The only part that requires maintenance -- cleaning and replacement when worn -- are the six PTR rollers, which clean the film, 
drive the film, and measure film tension.